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CDA Team Spotlight: Kate!

CDA Team Spotlight: Kate!

Introducing a CDA Idaho Clothing Company veteran: Kate.

She's been with us since nearly the beginning - back in the good ol' pop-up and street fair days - so you can trust she knows a thing or two about both CDA the company and Cd'A the city. Kate currently works at our shop, but when she's not brightening up the storefront, you can find her studying Outdoor Recreation Leadership at North Idaho College (go Cardinals!), or you can't find her...because she's out lost in the mountains. She's kind of the quintessence of why outdoorsy people love this area. Check out some highlights in her own words:

Snowboarding CDA - Kate

Q: You've been involved in CDA Idaho Clothing since almost the beginning, right? How long is that?

Kate: I did a couple of the street fairs and pop-up events each summer since 2016, and I started working at the store in November 2017, right after they opened it. 

Q: What is the biggest/coolest change you've seen in the company over that time?

Kate: Seeing more and more people wearing shirts and seeing stickers on cars. I remember back in the day (2016) when I first saw a CDA sticker on a car at the grocery store and I had to send Nichelle a picture because I was so excited for them. Now I see at least one a day. Seeing the business grow so fast is pretty cool.

CDA Team 4th of July


Q: Favorite time of year in North Idaho?

Kate: Fall for sure! I love the orange and yellow colors, the smell of the air, and when eggnog finally comes back.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do in Cd'A?

Kate: In the winter you'll find me up on the mountain, snowboarding. I also love going on drives around the lake and exploring no matter what time of year it is.

Q: Favorite outdoorsy activity to do in our area? 

Kate: In the summer I practically live outside. I enjoy backpacking, camping, swimming and hiking so far up in the mountains that there is no one else around.

Palouse Falls FeetIdaho Backpacking - CDA Team

Q: Fave local coffee shop?

Kate: Man. I am definitely a coffee snob. We have too many good restaurants and coffee shops, but if I were to pick one: Coeur d'Alene Coffee Co. has to be my favorite coffee shop. Everyone is so friendly there and I love the aesthetic.

Coeur d'Alene Coffee - CDA Team

Q: Somewhere you love to spend time most in Cd'A?

Kate: I could spend a full day chilling in a hammock on Tubbs. I would say, at the moment, that’s my favorite hangout spot.

Q: Do you have some favorite aspects of Cd'A in general?

Kate: The thing I love about Cd’A is that we have everything outdoors here! So many lakes to explore - we have mountains and rivers and so much wildlife!! I am so blessed to live here. Another thing I have to say is that we have the most beautiful seasons. Spring is full of colors and flowers, summer is AMAZING (but short lived), fall makes me slow down a little and appreciate the things around me and it’s so so beautiful, and winter is insane. I love all the seasons here!

Idaho Mountain - CDA TeamCDA Spring Flowers

Q: Favorite part about working for CDA? 

Kate: One of my favorite aspects about working here is meeting people from all over the country. I never realized how far people come just to visit here. Considering how beautiful it is, I am not surprised.

 Q: Favorite CDA products:

- Idaho Scenery sticker

Idaho Scenery Sticker - CDA Idaho

- Green Tourist shirt

Coeur d'Alene Tourist Tee - CDA Idaho

- I am a fan of all the hoodies; they are the softest things ever

CDA Arrow Hoodie - CDA Idaho

Kate is a bomb CDA Team member, and we are so blessed and thankful to have Idaho-lovin' people like her representing our local vibes through the years. If you need recommendations for your next outdoor adventure, make sure to stop by the shop and ask Kate! 

Idaho Backpacking - CDA TeamIdaho Mountain - CDA Team

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