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Check It: A CDA Favorite (Tubbs Hill)

Check It: A CDA Favorite (Tubbs Hill)

We all know it and almost all have been there. Whether you’ve spent your whole life in Cd’A or are just here for the weekend, chances are you’ve made the trek. If you haven’t yet, you’ve gotta see Tubbs Hill. It’s quite possibly our favorite place in town (besides our shop, of course) and there are a number of reasons for it.

CDA Skyline from Tubbs HillPhoto by @jacobbakerphotography

For those that are new here – and as a refresher for those not so new here – what is Tubbs Hill? Practically, it’s 120 acres of natural land surrounded by Lake Coeur d'Alene on three sides that gently slopes up about 500 feet from the water to the peak. The main hiking/walking trail loops around the perimeter of the hill for a little over 2 miles. It may sound like it’s just a hill on a lake, but Tubbs Hill is one of the most distinct markers of Coeur d’Alene’s uniqueness. It is a major feature in the town’s identity. So the real question is: why?

Tubbs Hill Main TrailPhoto by @nightingale1

Why do we love Tubbs so much? One of the major reasons is that it keeps nature at the heart of downtown. Tubbs is located right next door to the Coeur d’Alene Resort, so you can live the high life for one minute, then get enveloped in the outdoors the next. (Seriously, it’s less than a 5 minute walk from the resort.) With rapid growth and development happening all over Cd’A - especially downtown - Tubbs keeps us in touch with our roots. This ain’t no Central Park; seeing Tubbs rising from the lake is a reminder of Idaho’s true beauty.

Tubbs Hill Sunny ViewsCDA Resort ViewPhoto by @jacobbakerphotography

There’s your next reason: it is super convenient to get your nature fix when you're short on time. As much as we adore exploring the new and unknown (and there’s plenty of that in our area), Tubbs can get you outside and stretching your legs in an hour or less. Many people make Tubbs part of their daily routine. It’s close by, you’ve got free parking, and it’s cheaper than a gym membership. Get some coffee, take a hike, then picnic in McEuen with the family or grab a bite at one of the restaurants. You'll even have time to do some Sherman shopping! You can explore on your lunch break or start off your vacation days with some fresh air and sunshine. What can we say? Trees and fresh air are in our Idahoan blood. You can’t keep us away for long – we’ll figure out a way to get outside, and Tubbs Hill is our solution.

Tubbs Hill TreesPhoto by @lazerlady

Tubbs Hills has more to offer than just the main trail - be sure to explore the abundance of marked and unofficial game trails too. The nice part is that you can’t really get lost. Just find a view of the lake or the Resort and head that way! Because of this, Tubbs is great for any ability level and is doggy-friendly. We love trails the whole family can do, and Tubbs is the perfect place to begin. Of course, you can also take full advantage of the lake from Tubbs Hill. Along with multiple beaches to kick back and float on, Tubbs has all sizes and heights of rocks and cliffs to cannon ball off! Many locals see jumping off the rocks as an unofficial rite of passage 😉 Not comfortable jumping in yourself? It’s always a blast to watch all the other crazies! (Please be sure to always use your best judgement for safety when jumping into the lake, and never go it alone.)

Tubbs RocksTubbs Hill RocksPhoto by @americasgfsweetheart

Plus, the views are simply to die for. There’s a reason why we get so many Tubbs Hill tags on our Instagram!  Whether you’re a pro photographer, an iPhone enthusiast, or you prefer to soak it all in without the lens, you’re bound to catch some of the best views of the lake year-round on Tubbs. Many people judge the change of seasons by how the weather looks and feels on the Hill.

Tubbs Hill Winter SunsetPhoto by @alex.peters.03Tubbs Hill Lake ViewPhoto by @cilleyphotographyTubbs Hill Winter AerialPhoto by @jusup11

One of the best parts about Tubbs Hill is the local vibes. If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you’re bound to run into a friend on the trail. There’s a sense of community that comes from the best of Cd’A enjoying the sunshine all together on the Hill. You’ll always be met with a smile and a “how’s it going?” from someone. Guess that’s what happens when everyone is having a good time! There are enough years of local history involving this piece of land to get a feel for the true heart of this lovely community when you spend time on Tubbs Hill. Here's a great article on the story of Tubbs Hill and the man it's named after, Tony A. Tubbs!

Tubbs Hill Canoe Circa 1890sPhoto courtesy of Museum of North Idaho

Now you know just a few reasons why CDA Idaho Clothing Company is a huge fan of Tubbs Hill. Are you a fan too? Got some history and good memories of your own on this Cd’A hotspot? Maybe you got to experience it on your long list of Idaho adventures while you were in town and need to commemorate the occasion. We are happy to help! If you’re a fan of Tubbs Hill, make sure to check out our variety of designs to show it off. Like we said in our last blog, if you don’t feel like wearing your Tubbs Hill pride on your chest, try it on your head, your fridge, your car, or even your backpack - we’ve got options. Plus, our gear is way comfy for some adventures on and off the Hill.

Tubbs Hill Ringer TeeTubbs Hill TeeTubbs Hill Sticker

Tubbs Hill is one of the biggies on our list of things we love about home. We think it’s on a lot of people’s lists, so make sure to tag us @cdaidaho on Instagram if you get a killer view! Many of the photos in this post are previous Insta tags from our followers. Thanks, Friends!

Check out all our Tubbs Hill designs Here!

Finally, to give credit where it’s due and for more info, check out:


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