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Employee Spotlight: Blythe!

Employee Spotlight: Blythe!


Blythe has been a proud member our team at CDA Idaho for almost three years! If you are ever to walk into the shop while Blythe is working, she's probably folding tees while jamming to some classic rock and sipping a pour-over coffee. She is confident, kind, and good at finding things. Seriously! If we ever can't find something, we just ask Blythe, and she usually knows where it is. 

Blythe is the oldest of four children and has lived in either Post Falls or CDA her entire life. She started working for us just after she turned 17! Because she was homeschooled, Blythe's had a pretty open and flexible schedule over the years and has been able to work days, as well as nights and weekends, which most other high schoolers weren't able to do. We're so thankful for her! 


Without further ado, here are Blythe's CDA favorites:

Favorite thing to do outdoors?

I love to hike Tubbs Hill, the local hiking trail, and Mineral Ridge. Walking around in the park is also very fun.

Favorite local restaurant? Local coffee shop?

My all time favorite restaurant is the White House Grill located in Post Falls. They are so good. If you’re into Mediterranean food, this is the place! Favorite coffee shop is Evans’ Bros, also favorite coffee roaster is Abide Culture Coffee!

Do you have some most favorite aspects of CDA in general? 

I love exploring downtown and seeing all the shops, especially during Street Fair when all the local artisans and businesses come out and line Sherman for blocks. I also love the friendliness of the locals no matter if you go on a walk or even if you’re at the grocery store.

What is your favorite time of year in CDA/North Idaho?

I absolutely LOVE summer! The warm weather only lasts for a few weeks here, so I try to take advantage of it as much as possible either by taking a walk, sitting in the sun with a good book, or hanging out with my friends and family.

Favorite aspect of CDA Idaho Clothing Company?

My favorite aspect is the fact that it is family owned. By being a small, family owned business, the crew is able to get to know each other and become a little family themselves. I love my coworkers and bosses. They’re all pretty awesome and sweet!

Some of your favorite designs or products? 

My favorites are: 

The PNW Arrow Sticker: 

PNW Arrow Sticker
The 1887 Navy Blue Lake Tee:


The CDA Summer Sunset Design:

The Tubbs Hill Stamp Design:

and the Through the Trees Hoodie, that one is pretty comfy!

Do you have any fun stories about working at CDA Idaho Clothing?

It was last summer when we hired some new people. One evening we were putting away 50 pounds of stickers. Yes, 50 pounds. We were going back and forth grabbing stickers, putting them away on the table or in the back stock, all the while talking to each other in different accents. We wouldn’t talk like that when people would come in so we wouldn’t scare them away. Cause we’re professionals. It was so hard to talk normal to customers when they would come in! It took a lot of thought not to put on an accent. Ah good memories! 


Thanks for being such an amazing employee, Blythe!


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