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Top 5 Coffee Shops In Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Top 5 Coffee Shops In Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Along with it's outdoor adventures, lakes to swim in, hills and mountains to explore, Coeur d'Alene features many great places to eat good food and drink great coffee. Here are our top 5 places to go get a yummy cup of coffee.

1. Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey is our current coffee shop of choice. This is Andy's current go-to place to work away from work. Good atmosphere, not too big, not too small, good coffee, good food and pastry's. At Grumpy Monkey Andy typically goes for a 16oz drip and Nichelle likes a good 12oz double shot latte. Grumpy Monkey is located at 2102 N. 4th St.

2. Strada Cafe

Strada Cafe is only a block or two away from Grumpy Monkey. It's location is somewhat unique in that it used to be an old Oil Can Henrys (a place to get your oil changed). The decor inside is really fun, it's intimate and the drinks at Strada are a little unique. Most anywhere Andy gets a drip or a boring latte and Nichelle gets a latte. But at Strada, both Andy and Nichelle like to get a Turkish Latta or a Cubano Latte. These lattes feature very unique and delicious spices and flavors. We encourage you to try it! Strada Cafe is located at 1830 N. 3rd St.

3. Calypsos Coffee

Calypsos Coffee will always have a special place in our hearts. Nichelle worked at Calypsos Coffee downtown many years ago as a barista. Calypsos always has good coffee and good food. One of Andy's favorites is the Big J which is comprised of ham, avocado and cream cheese on a delicious bagel. Calypsos Coffee has an open mic night every week on Monday nights with local musicians. Calypsos Coffee is located close to the CDA Resort at 116 E Lakeside Ave.

4. The Vault

The Vault is somewhat new in the last few years located at the corner of Sherman and 4th St. They are located in the old Java downtown location. They have a really nice looking interior, good coffee and yummy caramels. They serve DOMA coffee there, which has become our coffee roasting company of choice. 

5. Terre Cafe 

Terre Cafe is the Coeur d'Alene location of Post Falls Coffee Company. They are located at 1527 Northwest Blvd. They've done a great job with the location, turning it into a really nice atmosphere with plenty of places to sit and meet or work. They have great pastries also. We highly recommend their cinnamon rolls!

If there is a coffee shop that you really enjoy, send an email to and let us know why!


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