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Wholesale Terms

These are wholesale account terms and agreement of DA Enterprises, LLC (dba CDA IDAHO, dba PNW USA, dba Proper Northwest)

Thank you for your interest in reselling DA Enterprises, LLC clothing and stickers with our CDA IDAHO & PNW USA brands. In order to sell our product you must agree to the terms provided below:

  1. Terms of this agreement and pricing sheet are subject to change at any time.
  2. Your wholesale account can be terminated at any time for any reason.
  3. You agree not to sell our products online. Advertising our products online through your website and social media is encouraged. However, at this time we require that you not compete with our online stores. In other words, at this time we do not allow direct sales online.
  4. You agree not to copy or rebrand our products in any way.
  5. You agree to sell our product at or above (if you choose) retail pricing found on our website.
  6. You agree to represent our CDA IDAHO and PNW USA clothing brands and stickers in a positive and ethical way to your customers.

Thank you for agreeing to these terms.

DA Enterprises, LLC


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