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Employee Spotlight: Harper!

Employee Spotlight: Harper!

Harper has been working for CDA Idaho Clothing Company for about a year and a half now, and we feel so lucky to have such a bright, cheerful, and friendly face on our team. When we first met her in August of 2019, it was clear that she not only loved people, but had such a heart for Coeur d’Alene and all of its opportunities. In January of 2020 she was promoted to manager, and everyone else on our crew agrees that she does an amazing job!

Harper has her Masters in Nutrition from the University of Southern Mississippi, and despite having a knack for retail, she comes from working in the medical field. She is devoted to reading as many books as she can, and the proudest cat mom to two adorable kitties, Janis and Louise. In her spare time, Harper is an avid adventurer and loves hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, and kayaking - when she’s not busy making candles. Most recently she launched her own Etsy store (Up North Goods), and we proudly resell her creations at our shop downtown!

We recently sat down with Harper for our Employee Spotlight, and asked her some of our most burning questions:

How long have you lived in CDA?

Almost 2 years. I was born in Texas, lived there for 10 years, and then I lived in Michigan until I moved to CDA.

Favorite thing to do outdoors?

Hiking, backpacking, camping and snowboarding! My favorite outdoor spot in the area is Tubbs Hill and Green Bay Campground.

Favorite local restaurant? 

Republic Kitchen in Post Falls, and Taphouse Unchained in downtown CDA. 

Favorite coffee shop?

Dutch Bros and Evans Brothers!

Favorite aspects of CDA?

The outdoor possibilities for sure. Hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, bike riding, the network of trails and the great lakes of North Idaho ;)

Favorite time of year in CDA?

Wednesdays in the summer - we do a beach day at NIC beach, followed by Live After 5. I also love the wintertime - CDA is its most beautiful when the mountains are covered in snow and the city isn't quite as full of people as it is in the summer.

Favorite aspect of CDA Idaho Clothing Company?

All the dogs. JK - The people! I love my coworkers and my bosses. I also love the creativity of designing new clothes and talking with customers. But yeah, I really like the dogs too. 

Favorite designs or products?

I'm obsessed with our Tubbs Stamp design, Night Views tee, and all of our animal stickers. 

Fun stories about working at the shop:

One time, two customers rescued a bird that had flown into the store! I was working with Briana (our head of merchandising) and a huge bird almost flew into our hat rack! We were terrified, and the bird was losing it. A couple of good samaritans were able to coax the bird into a box, and safely relocate it outside.


Thanks for being such an awesome manager, Harper!



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