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Inland Candle and Fairwells Necklace

Local Artisan Spotlight: The Inland Fairwells

We live in a community FULL of creatives. Coeur d’Alene is host to an incredible network of makers who have turned their hobbies and passions into their livelihood. Did you know: the name “Coeur d’Alene” is actually French, meaning “Heart of the Awl.” Back in the day, French traders gave the local Native American tribe this name for their business savvy, resembling the “sharp tool that is strong to the core” used to pierce leather. Their legacy of industry and artistry lives on in our community today. From the Hayden Farmer’s Market to the Coeur d’Alene Maker’s Market, we love connecting with the heart in the “Heart of the Awl.” CDA Idaho Clothing has the privilege of specifically collaborating with two of our favorite makers: Fairwells Jewelry and Inland Candle Company. Both these creatives have been awesome enough to sell their goods in our storefront, allowing us to feel even more awesome about the local vibes we offer.

Idahome NecklaceInland Candle Co.

Who They Are:

Fairwells Jewelry is created by the lovely Jenny Melsha. She designs all kinds of fabulous, no matter your personal style. Her jewelry is simply elegant and may be worn for just about any occasion and always with a sweet, personal touch. We love how you can display the things you cherish most through her jewelry: from being a nature-lover, being a Mama, to a true-blue Baseball Fan. This is why we love her Idaho and Coeur d’Alene designs! Her lovely locals are on display in our shop, so if a tee or sweatshirt won’t cut it for one of your outfits (or you want to get a gift for someone, but don’t know their size!), make sure to take a look at some of her beauties. Need some inspiration or having a tough day? Jenny can help with some loving, wearable reminders. And yes, she takes custom orders! We may need to start thinking about a BigFoot necklace...Idaho Home RingsCDA Lake Necklae

Inland Candle Co. is owned by Ransom and Sarah Storm. Their candles evoke the feelings we love about our area that can’t be seen – from late night campfires, the fields you drive by on your way to the cabin, and your morning hike. We’re not sure how they do it so well, but these candles capture the quintessential scents of the Inland Northwest. They claim they do it by using the best quality all-natural ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re lighting on fire in your house. Yep, we can live with that. The diversity of the scents and the minimal aesthetic makes these candles great for anyone. Have a friend or family who moved away, or moving yourself? These are a great way to take you back and remind you of home. This product is not the kind you find at the back of TJ-Maxx; these scents are the real deal. This is Inland at its finest. Inland Candle TabletopInland Candle CDA Storefront

You may have run into Jenny, Ransom, and Sarah just last week at the Coeur d’Alene Maker’s Summer Market at the resort. Among 50+ other local makers, these two businesses had their crafts on beautiful display for everyone to enjoy.

Fairwells at the Makers MarketInland Candle at the Makers MarketCDA Makers Graphic
The Coeur d’Alene Makers is a market for handmade products by local small businesses, fostering an encouraging and life-giving community to makers in our area and providing them a place to connect and share their goods with the public. In fact, a previous Maker’s Market is where Nichelle discovered Fairwells Jewelry and asked Jenny to come aboard! Besides finding Fairwells’ and Inland’s specific collection always at our storefront, you can find them in person with their entire stock at the next Market on October 14th!

Fairwells Jewelry DisplayInland Candle Display

CDA Idaho Clothing is thankful for the privilege to partner with these quality people and provide another outlet for their excellent craft. We are honored to take part in a community of small local businesses who love their town and the people in it. Remember, Fairwells and Inland products are not found on our website, so make sure to stop by our shop and hang! We’d love to see your face every once and a while 😉 However, if you can’t make it downtown and need to stay in your PJ’s judgement-free, you can always visit Inland and Fairwells’ own websites and Facebook pages. You don’t have to stop the local vibes with just us: make sure to swing by the CDA Maker’s Fall Market on October 14th - we’re right around the corner in The Shops when you’re finished!

Here are the links to all the awesome people mentioned in this post:
Fairwells Jewelry:

Inland Candle Co:

CDA Makers' Facebook:

Though many of us locals have heard the story of the “Heart of the Awl” for a while, let’ give info credit where it’s due:,_Idaho
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