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What Happens When You Buy Local

What Happens When You Buy Local

Maybe you’ve heard us say it before: we try to promote a local mindset. Sure, we do that with all our local lovin’ products, but what does a local mindset really mean? 

It means caring for and investing in your community: your neighborhood, your places of business, where you meet with family and friends, your town. When you’re proud of something, you put more into it. So how do we show our Coeur d'Alene pride?

We buy local. 

Products, food, and services. Whenever possible, we choose it. Here are some reasons why:

Successful local businesses boost our town's economy. 

According to the American Independent Business Alliance, local businesses invest significantly more money back into the local economy than chain or national companies. The money made from local businesses is spent by the businesses, the owners, and the employees and their families right here, rather than being sent to another part of the company outside our area. The more money a local business makes and uses, the more money that stays in circulation in our town.

For CDA Idaho Clothing Company, that looks like sourcing our products locally. Our products give consistent business to 4 other local companies! 100% of our shirts and stickers are printed here in town, and all our embroidering, engraving, and laser cutting are done here too. In total, about 85% of our products are made right here in our area, and another 10% is produced in the greater PNW. We also make sure the resources these companies use are sourced ethically and responsibly.

That's not to mention the local services we hire to help our business with things like construction, accounting, and private contractors for more specific needs. Our recent project to create a new studio space brought in 3 local companies - Idaho Contractor, Coeur d'Alene Wood, and Bullet Tools - for their expertise. Check out this video to see the process:

Local businesses employ local people.

The higher number and greater variety of businesses in our town means more jobs. According to this study from Michigan State University, small local businesses employ more people throughout the United States than anyone else! So buying from these businesses ensures more stable employment and hiring opportunities in the community. Employees often work for families and in smaller environments, which can help develop a tighter-knit team and a stronger sense of belonging. Small businesses also tend to be more unique and serve niche markets, so there are more opportunities for employees to specialize and develop meaningful skills and careers.

CDA Idaho Clothing employs 7 people, all of whom are currently students. We love being part of their journey to develop skills and experience for their futures, and we are proud to be a launching pad for them. It helps that we have plenty of fun in the meantime!

CDA TeamCDA Team Christmas

Local businesses love working together!

(Have you heard the word local enough yet?) It's because we know how important it is to keep each other going. You might have noticed, Coeur d'Alene businesses love collaborating. We're proud to host 3 other vendors and their excellent products right in our shop so you have more chances to check them out. Inland Candle Co. makes incredible scents of the PNW that will definitely enhance your home. Fairwells Jewelry creates elegant and inspired accessories you'll love wearing every day. Craft & Lore crafts excellent leather goods that are built to last with a timeless style. For each of these, you can try before you buy right in our shop (we're pretty sure that once you try, you'll wanna buy). We also love using our space to host events that support other businesses (like Bean & Pie for the Chocolate Affair) and including other businesses' products in our giveaways. Be on the lookout for details on Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters' upcoming latte art throwdown we get to sponsor!

Inland Candle Co.Fairwells JewelryCraft & Lore

Local businesses provide unique products, special experiences, and personal service.

Locally-made products are not things you can find just anywhere - they are handcrafted with passion and personality. Buying gifts and goods locally adds a personal touch you can't find in a big-box store. Local restaurants and entertainment foster unique experiences that bring Coeur d'Alenians together. Many local businesses are run by passionate experts who are willing to give you the time and service you need. Spending locally supports someone's dream and the excellence they've worked hard to achieve. Wanna see more dreams come true? Start locally. Plus, small businesses know they need to serve their community's unique needs in order to be successful, so you get a taste of your own town with every dollar and minute you spend.

Put simply, local businesses help shape the personality of an area.
Buffalo Chicken Idaho
(Kinda like this buffalo chicken does)

We say it all the time, and we'll say it again: CDA Idaho Clothing Company loves our community, and we're invested in making it the best it can be. When you shop with us or any local business, you're partnering with that goal. From us and every small business, THANK YOU for choosing local.

Here's a list of the sources we researched for this post. They are full of great info (and a lot more numbers)!

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